Welcome to Paawan Chaudhary's personal website.

Various projects created by me:-
1. FitnessFreak.co - Paawan's Transformation!!!:-)
2. C Prog
3. Chatting Experimental ApplicationGot spammed as was not secure enough...:-P
4. Online Text File Creator and Editor
5. Rajnikanth Facts
6. TASM for learning Assembly Level Programming
7. Day-Date Calculator for 4th Semester PP Project
8. SUVs Price In India Blog
9. Linkin Park Lyrics and Unofficial Blog
10. MSBTE2010 Blog - MSBTE Sample Papers and SyllabusOld!!! See 17th Link Below!!!
11. JAVA 16 Programs for Practical Exam in 5th Semester
12. TECHNICA QUIZ Script - Created by Me
13. TYCO Assignments
14. Likedit.in - Flash Games and Rage ComicsLatest!!!
15. Psychic SparkleLatest!!!
16. JAVA 16 Programs for Practical Exam in 6th Semester
17. PuneQP.com - PU Question Papers and MSBTE Sample Papers and College ProjectsLatest!!!
18. Muscular.co - Fitness Blog
19. Fake Mailer/Email Bomber Totally Legal as it informs e-mail server that it is a fake mail(which also defeats its own purpose)! :-P

You can email me on this address:-
paawanchaudhary at paawanchaudhary dot com